Our history

Die RI Research Instruments GmbH wurde 2009 gegründet, aber unsere Geschichte reicht bis in die 1980er Jahre zurück.

How it all began

In the mid ‘80s, activities to develop components for particle accelerators started at INTERATOM / Siemens. The main focus of the company back then was to develop new types of nuclear reactors, and the accelerator business was initiated to diversify and apply existing technologies to fields.

Helmut Piel (center left) and Claus Berke, chairman of theInteratom Management Board (center right).

starting our business with first superconducting cavity tests atUniversity of Wuppertal for the US based CEBAF project

1994: A management buyout and the years at ACCEL

When Siemens decides to end activities on the Bergisch Gladbach site, the management of the particle accelerator core group acquires the accelerator business and turns it into an independent private company, ACCEL Instruments GmbH.

2007: ACCEL becomes a 100% subsidiary of Varian Medical Systems

2009: ACCEL becomes RI

RI Research Instruments GmbH is established, taking overthe accelerator instruments and special projects business from ACCEL. The new company is majority owned by Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Bruker Corporation, and our management holds a significant equity stake in the company.

2015: Beamline instrumentation and EUV business is established

RI acquires the former Photon Instrumentation Business of ACCEL Instruments, since 2009 owned by Bruker Advanced Supercon GmbH. In addition to the Synchrotron Instrumentation business, this also includes start-up activities in EUV sources and metrology applications.

2019: RI acquires Ampegon PPT

RI acquires substantially all of the assets of Ampegon PPT GmbH, thereby expanding its portfolio to include specialized and advanced high-voltage and high-current power supplies, short- and long-pulse modulators and pulsed power supplies for scientific, medical, and industrial applications. The history of PPT dates back to the mid 1980s. It was founded by three physicists and was well known in the scientific and industrial community. RI now has a second site in Dortmund.

2022: RI keeps expanding:

We move into the first production building at our new site in Obereschbach, just a 10 minute walk from our headquarters in Bergisch-Gladbach.

Corporate Headquarters

RI Research Instruments GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 75
51429 Bergisch Gladbach

Tel.: +49 2204 – 7062 – 2500
Fax: +49 2204 – 7062 – 2501

Dortmund site

RI Research Instruments GmbH
Hauert 15
44227 Dortmund

Tel.: +49 2 31 – 4764 – 590
Fax: +49 2 31 – 4764 – 5977

Obereschbach site

RI Research Instruments GmbH
Heinz-Fröling-Straße 3
51429 Bergisch Gladbach

Tel.: +49 2204 – 7062 – 2500
Fax: +49 2204 – 7062 – 2501

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