About us

RI develops and manufactures high-performance components and systems, and provides solutions for scientific and industrial applications for customers around the globe. Our products range from prototypes and custom-tailored components to series production and turn-key systems.

It is our ambition to meet our customers’ most sophisticated demands. We work on the cutting edge of technology to take your projects from conception to completion and to deliver the best solution possible.

Who we are

RI Research Instruments GmbH is an innovative technology enterprise located in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne and in Dortmund, Germany. We are a highly motivated team of more than 300 skilled physicists, engineers, manufacturing specialists, project and business managers, and support staff. Our education and decades of experience provide a deep understanding of your demands, and we work with dedication and commitment to achieve precision in all fields.

Our management holds a significant equity stake in the company which is majority-owned by Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies, Inc., which itself is a subsidiary of Bruker Corporation.

What we do

At RI we complement high-level mechanical, electrical and control systems engineering with RF and pulsed power technology, and a unique infrastructure allowing for on-site high-precision machining, welding and brazing processes, chemical surface preparation, physical coating, clean room assembly, electrical manufacturing, and state-of-the-art test facilities. Our understanding of precise manufacturing implies machining with tolerances down to the micrometer regime, surface technologies utilizing ultrapure cleaning liquids, and clean assembly environments to semiconductor fabrication standards.

We have set standards for building particle accelerators, equipment for photon instrumentation and EUV metrology. Our expertise is used in demanding applications that range from nuclear fusion and medical isotope production to the fabrication of components and systems for the semiconductor supply chain.

Corporate Headquarters

RI Research Instruments GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 75
51429 Bergisch Gladbach

Tel.: +49 2204 – 7062 – 2500
Fax: +49 2204 – 7062 – 2501

Dortmund site

RI Research Instruments GmbH
Hauert 15
44227 Dortmund

Tel.: +49 2 31 - 476459 - 0
Fax: +49 2 31 - 476459 - 77

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