At RI we take complex and demanding technical projects from conception to completion. In order to deliver reliable high-performance systems and components that meet all your requirements, attention to detail is essential. Our project managers provide a deep understanding of your needs based on their long-term experience and their education in accelerator physics and photon science, engineering, and special manufacturing. We offer the highest level of expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, and the latest technology to turn your project into reality.

  • Experienced project management and engineering from first customer contact to final product based on our long-term experience in mechanical, cryogenic, optical and electrical design and rf and pulsed power electronics
  • Embedded control systems including software development
  • Finite element simulation for rf, mechanical, and thermal analysis as well as combinations thereof
  • Particle and photon beam dynamics and tracking, technical design studies of complex systems, simulation and analysis of accelerator components mass production
  • An integrated CAD/CAM/CAQ data management from design to quality assurance for prototype and series
  • On site assembly, commissioning, training and service

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RI Research Instruments GmbH
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RI Research Instruments GmbH
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