RF cavities
& couplers

Over the past decades, RI has accumulated an outstanding knowledge and experience with the design, production and delivery of a wide range of copper and niobium RF cavities as well as RF power couplers. We are experts in RF accelerator technology for scientific and industrial applications and have delivered more than 2000 superconducting RF cavities to customers around the globe, representing more than 50 percent of the world market share.

1. Superconducting cavities

With the manufacturing infrastructure at RI, we can manufacture superconducting cavities at rates of up to 200 cavities per year. The different cavity types we offer are

  • Elliptical
  • Quarter wave
  • Half wave
  • Spoke
  • CH-mode

In developing prototypes of superconducting niobium cavities, our objective is to achieve both the mechanical tolerances and the correct RF parameters (frequency, field flatness, coupling) already with the first cavity. Prototype development involves in-house metal forming, turning, milling, chemical surface preparation, and electron beam welding, RF optimization and final surface preparation.

2. Couplers

Parallel to the superconducting cavities, RI develops and manufactures RF power couplers of different types for customers worldwide. In total more than 1000 couplers have been manufactured.

3. Normal conducting cavities

RI has delivered normal conducting copper cavities in the frequency range from 52 MHz to 5 GHz and from 1 to 156 cells. Among the cavities we offer are

  • Pill box designs
  • RF quadruploles
  • cavity coupled linacs
  • S-band accelerating sections
  • any type of storage ring cavity

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