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Extreme ultraviolet radiation of 1 nm to 50 nm (EUV or XUV) is the spectral range between X-rays and vacuum ultraviolet.

RI Research Instruments provides technology and solutions for XUV, which are of special interest for nanoscopy and nanolytics and for EUV lithography infrastructure. RI delivers standalone tools for EUV resist, pellicle, mask blank and mask characterization to world leading semiconductor companies and research labs. Based on our diversified source portfolio, RI supports soft X-ray research activities, e.g. for the investigations of biological tissues or VUV applications for e.g. solar research and photochemistry.

EUV mask blank reflectometer

Working with XUV, offers the unique possibility to combine spatial resolution of a few nanometers with sub-micrometer penetration depths and natural elemental and/or chemical contrast.

The ramping of chip mass production with EUV lithography (EUVL) raises the need for actinic EUV solutions, metrology and tools for research, development and in supply chain quality control. RI Research Instruments develops and delivers actinic - i.e. at the lithography wavelength of 13.5 nm - technology and tools to world leading semiconductor companies and research labs for establishing sustainable EUV lithography infrastructure.

At RI we design, manufacture, test and deliver systems and solutions to the demands of our customers. Our long term experience in EUV/XUV photon applications enables us to provide stand-alone laboratory solutions that fill the gap between conventional X-ray tube equipment and experiments at synchrotron light sources. RI’s EUV and XUV activities are based on our broad source portfolio, more than 10 years of experience with EUV and soft X-ray applications, and is based on our strong expertise in engineering, design, controls, manufacturing, cleanroom and UHV.

Our building blocks, solutions and tools cover, exemplarily:

  • Stand-alone DPP and LPP sources for XUV, EUV and soft X-rays with application tailored interfaces (debris mitigation, SPF, collectors) available in grades for R&D and for industrial use
  • Metrology tools for XUV source characterization
  • Actinic EUV tools for EUV-lithography supply chain like:
    • EUV-MBR: EUV Mask Blank Reflectometer for spectral reflectometry
    • EUV-AIMER: full reticle inband EUV mapping reflectometry
    • EUV-PTT: EUV Pellicle transmission measurement tool
    • EUV-TEUVL and EUV-LET: Actinic EUV resists flush or interference exposing for tests on sensitivity and resolution
  • Soft X-ray and EUV-microscopes
  • Solutions for spectrometry, nanotechnology, photochemistry
  • Solutions for EUV irradiation and interaction studies

Customer specific developments

At RI we provide more than just off-the-shelf solutions for actinic tools for EUV lithography, soft X-ray and VUV applications. A core part of our business is to develop, design, manufacture, test and deliver systems and components tailored to the needs of our customers.

With an established network of experienced partners, our developments are based on well-proven building blocks and components, backed by our experience in fast realization from drafted demands to dedicated tool operation at customer’s site.

For solving cutting-edge tasks we frequently suggest coordinated step-by-step approach as risk minimizing for both partners. For each task brought to our attention, we combine the most suitable and at the same time most economical solutions to meet the specifications. This is accomplished by selecting off the shelf building blocks as a starting point from which we develop the dedicated concept. This special RI approach is uniquely facilitated by our versatile stand-alone source portfolio under our control. We are committed to finding the highest performing design for your application solving your task and meeting your expectations.

Our research and application laboratories support such developments by enabling proof of concepts or tests of critical components with available EUV-sources, components and test installations.

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