RI to deliver 9 cryocoolers to ESRF

RI with its partner Cryotherm has received a contract of 9 cryocooler systems from ESRF with the option of more than 20 additional systems in the coming years. Currently, ESRF is completely rebuilding its accelerator as part of the “Extremely Brilliant Source” program. The cryocoolers are an essential component of this upgrade. They keep the mirrors and crystal, which take the x-ray beam from the accelerator source and deliver it onto the sample, at constant temperature. This is mandatory to preserve the full performance of the x-ray beams, but puts stringent limits on the vibration of the liquid nitrogen coolant flow. RI Research Instruments vibration free closed-loop cryocoolers meet these tough specifications and won over the international competition.

Over the years, RI has supplied ESRF with accelerator systems and components as well as beamline instrumentation. Now, RI and ESRF have agreed to jointly develop the standard for next generation cryocooler systems, based on the robust design RI with its partner Cryotherm currently offers. This new design target even lower vibration levels and better stability.

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