RI welcomes Christoph Quitmann

As of August 2019, Christoph Quitmann takes over the new division “Project LightHouse” at RI. LightHouse will be the first industrial use of a superconducting high-power linear accelerator, dedicated to the production of Mo-99, the world’s most used medical isotope and an important tool in medical diagnostics..

Christoph Quitmann is no complete stranger to RI. As a scientist and research manager at PSI in Switzerland, MAX IV in Sweden, and SLAC in the US, he repeatedly worked with RI technology over the years. Moving from the academic world over to industry, Christoph will make use of his experience in science, technology and management and contribute his world-wide network to RI.
The LightHouse project brings together financial support from the Belgian Institute for Radio Elements IRE, intellectual property from the Dutch company ASML and special design and manufacturing expertise from RI Research Instruments and other companies. The project is currently in the design and development phase, with the construction of the accelerator planned to commence in 2021.

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