State of the art simulation software is applied in the development phase to meet customer's specific requirements

  • Particle Beam Dynamic and Tracking with PARMELA (LANL Code Group), TSTEP (LMY Technology), TRACE3D (LANL Code Group), Toutatis (CEA), and KOBRA (INP)
  • RF simulation of accelerator cavities and components with SUPERFISH and MICROWAVE STUDIO (CST)
  • Thermal and mechanical stress analysis with ANSYS (CadFEM) and MICROWAVE STUDIO (CST)
  • Integrated engineering design considering RF, magnet, cryogenic, vacuum and manufacturing aspects (INVENTOR/PSPICE/MICROWAVE STUDIO/ MATHLAB)
  • Simulation and analysis of series production of accelerator cavities and components using Simul8 (Simul8 Corporation)
  • Detailed design engineering as basis for the construction and assembly