The following links will guide you to list of publications from RI (a former ACCEL Instruments GmbH activity), or from customers about RI delivered components.

Industrial RF Linac Experiences and Laboratory Interactions [2 MB]
For more than two decades ACCEL Instruments GmbH at Bergisch Gladbach (formerly Siemens/ Interatom) has supplied accelerator labs worldwide with key components like rf cavities and power couplers, s.c. magnets, insertion devices, vacuum chambers and x-ray beamline equipment.

Highly Customized Industrialized Linacs for Applications in Scientific Research [583 KB]
Based on customer requirements ACCEL Instruments [1] is designing and building medium energy turn-key Linear Accelerator Systems and rf cavities for scientific applications since 10 years (Figure 1). Figure 1: Timeline with linear accelerator projects.

Custom Design of Medium Energy Linear Accelerator Systems [352 KB]
Based on customer requirements ACCEL Instruments is designing and building turn-key Linear Accelerator for scientific applications. Within this paper design and performance of third generation synchrotron light source electron injector linacs will be presented.

A 0.5 to 50 MeV Electron Linear Accelerator System [329 KB]
Since 1998 ACCEL delivers turn key accelerator for scientific applications. After three injector systems for synchrotron light sources have been successfully commissioned, ACCEL is currently producing a 0.5 to 50 MeV system for the German metrological institute in Braunschweig (PTB).

Commissioning of the Australian Synchrotron Injector RF Systems [435 KB]
Christian Piel, Kai Dunkel, Joakim Manolitsas, Daniel Trompetter, Hanspeter Vogel, ACCEL Instruments GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany Mark J. Boland, Rohan Dowd, Gregory S. LeBlanc, Martin J. Spencer, Yaw-Ren E. Tan, ASP, Clayton, Victoria, Australia Abstract

Further Optimisation of the Diamond Light Source Injector [226 KB]
Optimisation of the Diamond Light Source injector has continued since user operation started in January 2007. Beam losses have been minimised by injector tuning and stabilisation, and high level software has been developed to characterise booster and injection parameters.

Operation of the Diamond Light Source Injector [190 KB]
The Diamond Light Source (DLS) injector consists of a 100 MeV pre-injector linac and a 3 GeV full energy booster. The injection system has been reliably providing beam to the storage ring since September 2006 in both multibunch and single bunch mode, at 5 Hz repetition rate.

Commissioning of the Diamond Pre-injector Linac [189 KB]
Commissioning of the linac for the Diamond Light Source (DLS) was completed in October 2005. The linac was supplied by Accel Instruments, with DLS providing beam diagnostics, beam analysis software, control system hardware and standard vacuum components.

The Pre-Injector Linac for the Diamond Light Source [163 KB]
, V. Kempson, Diamond Light Source, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 0QX, UK K. Dunkel, C. Piel, Accel Instruments GmbH, Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany. Abstract

100 MeV Pre-Injector for 3rd Generation Synchrotron Light Sources [241 KB]
The Swiss Light Source (SLS) pre-injector is a 100 MeV S-band linear accelerator, which has been supplied as a turn-key system by ACCEL Instruments GmbH in April 2000. This design provides a successful base for modern Synchrotron Light Source pre-injectors as recently contracted for DLS and ASP.

Commissioning of the SLS-Linac [629 KB]
M. Pedrozzi, M. Dehler, P. Marchand, L. Rivkin, V. Schlott, A. Streun, PSI, Villigen, Switzerland C. Piel, ACCEL Instruments GmbH, D-51429 Bergisch Gladbach Abstract The Swiss Light Source (SLS) pre-injector is a 100 MeV S-band linear accelerator.

Phase 1 Commissioning Status of the 40 MeV Proton/Deuteron Accelerator SARAF [578 KB]
Christian Piel, Kai Dunkel, Florian Kremer, Michael Pekeler, Peter vom Stein, ACCEL Instruments GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany Dan Berkovits, Israel Mardor, Soreq NRC, Yavne, Israel Abstract

First Stage of a 40 MeV Proton Deuteron Accelerator Commissioning Results [461 KB]
In 2006 the first stage of a 40MeV superconducting linear accelerator for protons and deuterons will be commissioned at SOREQ. This paper will present commissioning of the ECR source after final assembly. Further test results of the beta=0.

Beam Operation of the SARAF Light Ion Injector [583 KB]
The 40MeV s. c. linac for protons and deuterons designed and currently built by ACCEL Instruments GmbH [1] is described in [2, 3]. It consists of an ECR ion source, a n. c. RFQ and six modules housing 46 s. c. half wave resonators.

Beam Dynamics Simulation of the 1.5 MeV/u Proton/Deuteron Beams Measured at the SARAF RFQ Exit [282 KB]
J. Rodnizki, B. Bazak, D. Berkovits, G. Feinberg, A. Shor, Y. Yanay, Soreq, Yavne 81800, Israel K. Dunkel, C. Piel, Accel Instruments GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Abstract

Beam Dynamics Simulations of SARAF Accelerator including Error Propagation and Implications for the [674 KB]
J. Rodnizki, D. Berkovits, K. Lavie, I. Mardor, A. Shor and Y. Yanay (Soreq NRC, Yavne), K. Dunkel, C. Piel (ACCEL, Bergisch Gladbach), A. Facco (INFN/LNL, Legnaro, Padova), V. Zviagintsev (TRIUMF, Vancouver) Abstract

Proton Beam Dynamics of the SARAF Linac [128 KB]
We have performed proton beam dynamics simulations for the SARAF (Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility), 40 MeV and 4 mA, linac. The simulations are performed using the GPT code and includes effects of space charge.

Status of the SARAF Project [616 KB]
A. Nagler, I. Mardor, D. Berkovits, Soreq NRC, Yavne 81800, Israel, K. Dunkel, M. Pekeler, C. Piel, P. vom Stein, H. Vogel, Accel Instruments GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach 51429, Germany Abstract Soreq NRC initiated the establishment of SARAF – Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility.

The Operation Concept of SARAF [538 KB]
I. Mardor, D. Berkovits, Y. Grof, H. Hirshfeld, A. Nagler, Soreq NRC, Yavne 81800, Israel O. Heber, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot 76100, Israel C. Piel, ACCEL Instruments GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach 51429, Germany Abstract

Design of a 40 MeV Linear Accelerator for Protons and Deuterons using Superconducting Half Wave [511 KB]
The design of a medium energy ion linear accelerator (linac) for research applications is presented. The use of superconducting resonators allows continuous wave (cw) operation at high average currents.