The following links will guide you to list of publications from RI (a former ACCEL Instruments GmbH activity), or from customers about RI delivered components.

European Industries Potential Capabilities on Superconducting RF Accelerator Modules [444 KB]
A significant number of cavities have been supplied in support of the TTF/ILC activities. With a view to the future European X-FEL linear accelerator it is expected that turn-key accelerator modules will be requested from industry.

Development of a Superconducting RF Module for Acceleration of Protons and Deuterons at Very Low [270 KB]
A prototype superconducting accelerator module housing six 176 MHz half wave resonators and three superconducting solenoids is currently under production at ACCEL as part of a 40 MeV linear accelerator at the SOREQ NRC [1]. The module will accelerate protons and deuterons from energy of 1.

Commissioning of the ERLP SRF Systems at Daresbury Laboratory [429 KB]
, A. Moss, J. Orrett, S. Pattalwar and A. Wheelhouse, STFC Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington, WA4 4AD, UK P. vom Stein, ACCEL Instruments GmbH, D-51429 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany F. Gabriel, FZD Rossendorf, PF 510119, 01328 Dresden, Germany Abstract

Fabrication and Installation of Superconducting Accelerator Modules for the ERL Prototype (ERLP) at [439 KB]
Peter vom Stein, Stefan Bauer, Michael Pekeler, Hanspeter Vogel, ACCEL, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, Robert Bate, Carl David Beard, Douglas M. Dykes, Peter McIntosh, Brian Todd, CCLRC/DL/ASTeC, Daresbury, Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom Abstract

Commissioning and Operations Results of the Industry-Produced CESR-Type SRF Cryomodules [530 KB]
, R. Kaplan, H. Padamsee, P. Quigley, J. Reilly, J. Sears, V. Veshcherevich Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics*, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853 U.S.A. S. Bauer, M. Pekeler, H. Vogel ACCEL Instruments GmbH, D-51429 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany M. de Jong, E. Matias, J.

Production of Superconducting Accelerator Modules for High Current Electron Storage Rings [500 KB]
In this paper we describe the basic parameters and guaranteed values of this module and will also report on the performance of delivered modules. INTRODUCTION

Testing Results of Major Components and Progress Report of TLS Superconducting Cavity Project [250 KB]
The superconducting 500 MHz cavity of CESR-III design has been chosen to replace the existing room temperature copper cavities. A turbine type cryogenic plant will provide adequate cooling capacity, 450 W, for the operation of the SRF cavity and superconducting multipoles wiggler at 4.5 K.

Superconducting Accelerator Modules for Storage Rings and Synchrotrons [377 KB]
We report on the production status of 6 superconducting 500 MHz accelerating modules (2 for Cornell University for upgrading CESR, 2 for the Taiwan Light Source and two for the Canadian Light Source). We focus on the test results on cavities and RF windows.