Photon Instrumentation

EUV, XUV and soft X-ray laboratory sources, systems and solutions

Short wavelength photons for semiconductor industry, nanotechnology and life sciences

Working in the XUV spectral range (1-50 nm) offers the unique possibility to combine spatial resolution of a few nanometer with sub-micrometer penetration depths and natural elemental and / or chemical contrast. These XUV properties enable new perspectives in applications like Nanoscopy and Nanolytics.

With our portfolio of versatile stand-alone laboratory sources, RI develops, custom designs and manufactures metrology tools. Our XUV products and solutions serve industry and science with leading edge actinic metrology, inspection and scientific applications.

  • XUV Solutions
    Our long term experience in short wavelength XUV photon applications in the range between 1 nm and 50 nm enables us to provide new stand-alone laboratory solutions that fill the gap between conventional X-ray tube based tools and end-stations at large science installations. We are committed to find the highest performing design for your application.

  • EUV & XUV Sources
    Our product Lab sources are usually customer tailored for the required wavelength, power, and brightness ranges (spectral distributions at > 2.5 nm). If required by our customers, we provide customer specific designs, interfaces, optics and filters. Product examples: DPP XUV Lamps (≤ 5 W EUV), DPP XUV Power Sources (≤ 400 W EUV), LPP Sources for Analytics (≈ 100 mW) LPP High Brightness (> 2000 W/mm²/sr/nm)

  • XUV Nanolytics
    We provide components and tool solutions for spectral analytics (NI and GI reflectance, transmission, scatter, source emission spectra etc.) We achieve economic solutions by selecting the best suited sources, optics, gratings, stages and detectors. Our XUV Nanolytics portfolio includes XUV-Spectrophotometers, Multi-Angle GIXUVR , XUV-NEXAFS spectrometers, monochromatic angular scan reflectometers, transmission benches.

  • Semiconductor actinic EUV tools
    We develop and supply tools and components for the EUV spectral range (≈13.5 nm) for actinic investigations based on our Xenon and Tin Lab metrology sources. Our products are applied in EUV mask and mask blank reflectometry, actinic blank Inspection, actinic EUV microscopes (reflection/transmission) , and actinic irradiators for photo resist and material qualification.

  • Nanoscopy
    Our XUV solutions combine high optical resolution, nm to μm penetration with natural elemental and/or chemical contrast. They are applied in visualization, detection or quantification in the sub 50 nm to 10 nm range, EUV, XUV and X-ray microscopy nanometer structures, particles and defect inspection by dark field or grazing incidence scatterometry (CD-WAXUVS)

  • Irradiation and Interaction
    Studying XUV interaction with matter is of interest for optimizing processes and materials for industrial components with long lifetime demands. Fundamental aspects in basic science and in new process developments are other fields of interest. Supported by our partners, we supply intensely focused laboratory XUV irradiators for material testing, interferometric or direct-write lithography, and EUV resist characterization with respect to sensitivity and outgassing etc