Photon Instrumentation

X-Ray Mirror System

Our custom designed X-ray mirror systems provide different bending mechanisms, including mechanical bending and adaptive bimorph mirrors of the latest generation. We offer extensive know-how and support during design, manufacture and test. Our team has long term experience in ray-tracing (including real, measured slope errors), mirror design and optimization.

The beamline layout and the source parameters define the size and shape of the mirrors. We use well adapted mechanical design approaches for the ultra high precision positioning of mirrors on a length scale from 100 mm to 1400 mm.

Our mirror system solutions share the use of massive natural granite supports, which effectively damp any floor-vibrations and ultimately result in extremely high stabilities of the photon beams. Vibration studies performed during the design phase make sure that our mirror systems have excellent vibration properties, no matter which floors they stand on.

For our 4th generation KB mirror systems, all motions of the mirrors are real motions, actuated by single motors only. Parasitic motions are effectively eliminated partly by design and partly by fine-adjustments during assembly. Pitch motions are achieved by combination of large motorized strokes and ultra high precision piezo-actuators. The piezo-actuators are optionally connected to our beam stabilizing feedback system.

Water-cooling of the mirror substrates can optionally be provided by using copper plates clamped to the sides of the mirror substrates or by using cooling fins immersed in grooves filled with eutectic alloy. Water-cooled Cu masks protect the upstream edges of mirrors exposed to white beams.

    Main Features:

  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal deflection

  • Mirror lengths up to 1400mm

  • Mirror decoupling from the vacuum tank in order to minimize vibration transmission

  • Full UHV compatibility (better than 5x 10-9mbar)

  • Metal wire sealed rectangular chamber allowing easy access to the vacuum components

  • Water cooling feasible for up to 2 KW absorbed power

  • Choice between in vacuum or externally driven translation stages

Possibility to accommodate several kinds of commercially available benders, depending on customer´s needs