Photon Instrumentation

X-Ray Microscopy

X-ray microscopes have about ten times better resolution than visible light microscopes with currently available optics. Absorption spectroscopy and fluorescence allows to map the elemental and chemical composition of the sample. X-ray microscopy applications cover a wide range including structural biology, colloid research, magnetism, and materials science.

RI supplies full-field microscopes for standalone and synchrotron sources (LTXM and TXM) and scanning X-ray microscopes (STXM). Furthermore, we offer X-ray optical bench systems, where optical elements, samples and detectors can be arranged freely for custom experiments.

Full-field microscopes are particularly well suited for tomography of biological samples, whereas scanning microscopes are used for spectromicroscopy, fluorescence imaging and measurements with high time resolution.


  • X-Ray Optical Bench
    Unlimited flexibility in optical setups

  • Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscope
    Spectromicroscopy with world record resolution (STXM)

  • Standalone X-Ray Microscope
    Tomography for biological samples