Accelerator Systems

Accelerating electrons and ion beams

Radio Frequency Quadrupoles (RFQ) are modern tools to bunch and accelerate low energy ions as generated without modulation from ion sources at energies of sub 100 keV/u. RFQ manufacturing requires high precision machining by 5 axis mils, joining techniques keeping the tight tolerances of machining and a deep understanding of 3D rf modeling. With those capabilities in house RI expanded its activities in this demanding technology. The first 425 MHz system built for TechSource (final customer IUCF) with 5% duty cycle was delivered a few years ago.

Today we are in the final stage of the production of the GANIL RFQ operating in continuous mode at 88 MHz (see figure above) and started with design and production of the pulsed 402.5 MHz RFQ for the SNS project in Oak Ridge.

With those projects we cover a large span in frequency and duty cycle, all based on the four vane architecture. We expect further activities with this technology in the field of science and other applications. Our scope of supplies is completed by RF couplers, tuners pick-ups and other auxiliaries for all kind of normal conducting cavity applications.

Beamlines and diagnostics complete our scope for the supply of turnkey accelerator systems.

RI also provides the following services related to accelerator systems: physics layout, design, production, procurement and installation of devices and systems for particle beam lines. Beam dynamics studies as well as component designs according to the need of the project are performed.

Expertise in the field of high and low current electron and ion beam lines is available in house. Magnet systems can be designed to the needs of the customer, including but not limited to solenoids, dipoles and quadrupoles, for static and dynamic use. Beside magnets, beam diagnostics elements intercepting and not intercepting for a various range of currents and pulse structures are available.

Beam diagnostics for current, profile, position and longitudinal and transversal emittance have been built and are available to the market.