Photon Instrumentation

Protein Crystallography and BioSAXS Endstations

Instrumentation ranging from fully integrated systems to stand-alone components for Protein Crystallography Experimental Stations

We have developed and delivered several systems for the study of macromolecules, including diffractometer, sample changer, beam conditioning elements and support structures. We have delivered endstations to most major synchrotron facilities in the world.

Our endstation concept allows a flexible arrangement of the beam conditioning elements to meet the needs of the specific beamline. This includes the integration of standard components such as attenuators, slit systems, ion chambers, beam position and intensity monitors, fast shutters as well as specific customized components. The scope of supply can be individually selected by the customer and each component can be freely arranged on the alignment table.

Full in vacuum multi-purpose endstation for the SUL Beamline at ANKA

Support Tables

  • 5-axis Alignment Table: Positioning of all beam conditioning elements and diffractometer in 5 degrees of freedom

  • Detector Support: Positioning of the detector along a single axis or in 2-theta

Beam Conditioning

    Fast Shutters

  • Piezo Shutter (CEDRAT)

  • Millisecond Shutter (SLS design)

    Beam Position Monitors

  • Endstation Beam Position Monitor

Microfocusing Optics

  • We design and build your microfocusing PX endstation from beam focusing to microcrystal
    sample environment for sample sizes down to microns!

Reference Projcets

  • List of reference projects