RI Research Instruments is world leading in normal conducting RF accelerator technology for scientific applications

An outstanding knowledge has been accumulated over decades with design, production and delivery of a wide range of copper cavities from pill box designs, RFQs, up to 14m long CCL linacs, S-Band accelerating sections, as well as any type of storage ring cavity.

Normal conducting cavities in the frequency range from 52 MHz to 5 GHz and from 1 to 156 cells have been delivered to customers like e.g.:

  • 53 MHz capacitive loaded cavity for BNL (cw)
  • 100 MHz capacitive loaded cavity for MaxLab (cw)
  • 350 MHz HOM damped cavity for ESRF (cw)
  • 14 m long 402.5MHz Cavity Coupled Structures for SNS (pulsed)
  • 500 MHz HOM damped cavities for ALBA (cw)
  • 500 MHz 5 cell cavities for DESY (cw)
  • 2.45 MHz multicell standing wave structure for MAMI (cw)
  • 3 GHz 5.2 m long travelling wave structures for MaxLab (pulsed)
  • 4.9 GHz multicell standing wave structures for MAMI (cw)