Photon Instrumentation

Monochromator Systems

Our standard double crystal monochromator is a full in-vacuum solution. The entire optical system including the goniometer and all crystal adjustments are integrated into the vacuum vessel. The monochromator is entirely built on one goniometer with the surface of the first crystal in the center of rotation. The second crystal can be moved parallel and perpendicular to the crystal surface in order to realize a fixed beam offset during an energy scan.

Both, the first and the second crystal set-up can be equipped with pitch, roll and yaw adjustments. The optics sit on a massive granite support and are fully decoupled from the vacuum chamber. This enables a very stable set-up that is less influenced by external vibrations.

    Main Features:

  • Energy Range: typically between 2.4 keV and 70 keV using Si(111) and/or Si(311) crystals

  • Fixed beam offset

  • Large energy range

  • Crystals included

  • Reliable, high precision linear stages

  • Very robust and compact design

  • Optics mechanically fully decoupled sitting on a massive granite block

  • Optics easily accessible in operational position via sliding door

  • Manual adjustment of the granite support for optics

  • Separate support for vacuum chamber

  • Full in-vacuum design, p < 2 x 10-7mbar


  • Water-cooled 1st crystal

  • Liquid Nitrogen cooling 1st and/or 2nd crystal

  • Water-cooling based temperature stabilization for motors

  • Compton shielding

  • Crystal bender to compensate thermal bump

  • Crystal bender for sagittal focusing

  • Encoder systems for motorized axes

  • Horizontal or vertical motorization for in situ crystal exchange

  • Intensity feedback to the 2nd crystal pitch (MOSTAB developed at DESY)

  • Stepper motor drivers and controllers

  • Full control system based on SPEC, EPICS or LabVIEW¬ģ