Photon Instrumentation

Closed-loop Cryo-cooler

The RI closed-loop LN2 cryo-cooler systems succeed the Bruker ASC cryo-coolers. Many laboratories in the world operate our cryo-coolers, in particular most of the synchrotron light sources in the world.

Known for their superior pressure stability and their user friendly operation and handling, we offer our cryo-coolers as standard cooling devices with LN2 cooled double crystal monochromators.

The cryogenics of our cryo-coolers are automatically controlled and equipped with safety interlocks and pressure relieve valves to make sure that all the failure conditions are covered safely. The systems are able to absorb heat loads of up to 2.5 KW at temperature levels of 77 K and above.

Full remote operation is implemented into our control system, which is included into the cryo-cooler delivery package. The control system monitors signals and alarm conditions and is equipped with a touch screen panel with a TCP / IP interface. The system communicates with a remote client e.g. via WebClient, EPICS or TANGO for data logging and/or for additional settings of parameters or control functions of the system. Automated processes for are available.

    Key features:

  • • Closed Loop system with up to 10 bar overpressure for increasing the LN2 boiling point

  • vibration free and continuous operation

  • excellent pressure stability

  • large cooling power of up to 2.5 KW

  • remote control of all functions (valves, pressure, pump, etc.)

  • automated process runs (e.g. cool down, warm up)

  • user friendly and intuitive handling of the entire system

  • set of parameters to adjust for the best performance

  • different user interfaces (EPICS, TANGO, WebClient, etc)

  • maintenance free design

    Layout of the Touch Panel:

  • complete schematic of the Cryo-cooler within one screen

  • all required information (temperatures, pressure, pump, valve status, etc) on one view

  • all functions can be accessed from the main window

  • easy and intuitive handling of the system