Photon Instrumentation

Beamline Systems and Components

A variety of different beamline components and systems have been designed, built, tested and delivered. We can rely on many years of in-house manufacturing experience and a well-established network of subcontractors. We are committed to satisfy tour customers’ demand for both, off-the-shelf standardized and custom-designed beamline systems.

  • Filter Units

  • High Power Attenuators

  • Intensity Monitors

  • Beam Profile Monitors

  • Beam Position Monitors

  • Fluorescence Screens

  • Beam Stops

  • Beam Shutters

  • Photon Absorbers

  • Slit Absorbers

  • Collimators

  • Beryllium Refractive Lenses

Beamline section for the BAMline at BESSY II with a cooled horizontal and vertical slit unit, two filter units and a beam profile monitor

High Poewer Slit Absorber

    Examples for Realized Complete Beamline Projects:

  • Super-XAS Beamline at the Swiss Light Source (SLS)

  • X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Beamline at the Australian Synchrotron

  • Material Science Beamline of the University of Wuppertal at DELTA (Germany)

  • GM/CA - CAT Sector at the Advanced Photon Source (APS)

  • µSPOT Beamline at BESSY (Berlin)

  • Crystallography Beamline (CMCF-1) at the Canadian Light Source (CLS)

  • MAGS and EDD Beamline for HMI at BESSY (Berlin)

  • Protein Structure Factory Beamlines at BESSY (Berlin)

  • BAMline for the BAM at BESSY (Berlin)

Design of complete Beamline set-up