RI Successfully Completes Contract for an Electron Linear Accelerator at Radboud University

Bergisch Gladbach, Germany – October 11, 2011 – RI Research Instruments GmbH, a majority-owned subsidiary of Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies, Inc. (BEST), announced the successful performance of its 15 MeV electron linear accelerator (linac) at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

This linac serves as the driver for a narrow-band THz free-electron laser (FEL) system, established within the Netherland’s funding via the “Big Facilities” program. This FEL instrument is called FLARE, a Free-electron Laser for Advanced spectroscopy and high-Resolution Experiments.

Radboud University announced first lasing at 700 µm on September 26, 2011 (http://www.ru.nl/FLARE/). The FEL is driven by a 15 MeV 600mA, pulsed electron linac delivered by RI Research Instruments as a turnkey system.

RI Research Instruments GmbH successfully completed the approximately $4 million contract received in 2009 for the supply of this turnkey 15 MeV electron linac. The system includes electron source, accelerating structures, high power amplifiers, beam focusing and diagnostics elements, vacuum and control system. The installation of the linac into the new FLARE building started in the spring of 2011 with first operation in the fall of 2011.

Christian Piel, Director of RI Research Instruments GmbH, explained: “After an intense installation and commissioning period, with our team working on site in close cooperation with the customer and only within two weeks after Radboud University finalized their installation of the optical resonator, the successful lasing proved that the linear accelerator is performing according to specification.”

Hanspeter Vogel, Managing Director of RI Research Instruments GmbH, added: “We thank Radboud University for this opportunity to supply this exciting project with all our technological capabilities and the excellent cooperation throughout the project.”

This linac is the sixth in a series of turnkey linac systems made by RI Research Instruments that will continue with the planned delivery of the 200 MeV injection linac to Brookhaven National Laboratory’s NSLS-II (National Synchrotron Radiation Source) in early 2012.

About RI Research Instruments and Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies, Inc.:

RI Research Instruments GmbH is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of normal and superconducting rf cavities and systems, linear accelerators, as well as special products for physics and energy research, scientific, medical and industrial applications. RI products also include high-performance electron and ion sources, particle beamlines and diagnostics, research reactor subunits as well as vacuum and cryogenic systems. BEST has operations in the US, the UK and Germany, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR).

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