Linear Accelerators provide high brightness electron beams to drive Free Electron Lasers and X-ray Free Electron Lasers in a number of projects worldwide. Not only superconducting accelerator technology is used as e.g. for the European X-FEL project at DESY, Hamburg, but also normalconducting accelerator technology based on copper accelerating structures is used e.g. at the SwissFEL project performed at Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland ( or the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC), Taiwan.

RI Research Instruments supplies the basic accelerating sections for both projects.

The X-ray Free Electron Laser in Switzerland is a new development in laser and accelerator-technology intended to introduce the excellent characteristics of conventional laser systems into the X-ray spectral region. For this project the first accelerating section was delivered in October. The remaining three sections are scheduled for delivery until December.

At NSRRC a high brightness injector (HBI) system is under construction. This injector is intended for light source development such as intense THz radiation sources, high gain free electron lasers and ultra-fast X-ray and electron pulses. The three accelerating sections required to accelerate the beam generated by a rf gun to 125 MeV, have been delivered early November.