When realizing your projects precision in all fields is our main objective. Offers are prepared by our project managers and their teams of engineers and commercial officers accompanying you through the lifetime of your project. Project managers provide a deep understanding of your requirements based on their long term experience and their education in accelerator physics, engineering and special manufacturing.

Working with you in a trustful partnership with this team provides continuity until satisfactory delivery of your product or completion of the service. With most of our projects, including a major fraction of development effort and technical challenges, we are always committed to working against a realistic time schedule and delivery fitting the needs of your program.

Our understanding of precise manufacturing implies machining with tolerances down in the micrometer regime, surface technologies utilizing ultrapure cleaning liquids and clean assembly environments to semiconductor fabrication standards.

Our technicians and engineers for vacuum, mechanical, control software, electrical supplies perform the final assemblies and tests either at RI or in your facilities with continuing precision.