Medical & pharma

Technology employed in big science experiments also finds applications that have a more direct impact on society. RI’s expertise in building particle accelerators and photon instrumentation benefits developments with medical and pharma applications.

Particle therapy

Particle therapy is a form of radiotherapy using beams of energetic ions for cancer treatment. Particle therapy works by aiming energetic ionizing particles at the target tumor. These particles damage the DNA of tissue cells, ultimately causing their death. Cancerous cells are particularly vulnerable to attack due to their reduced ability to repair damaged DNA. RI designs and delivers accelerators for particle therapy.

Medical isotope production

Particle accelerators can also generate electron, proton or heavy ion beams for the production of medical radioisotopes to be applied in hospitals for cancer diagnosis and also treatment. RI contributes the physics layout, assessment studies and detailed planning especially high power accelerators optimized for this purpose.

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